Exeter students protest against student loan privatisation

Tue, 11 Feb 2014

Students at the University of Exeter staged a week-long occupation of a building to show their disapproval at the student loan privatisation.

According to the Express and Echo, a group of approximately 20 students pledged to stay inside the Queen’s Building for five days, except during a related march through the Streatham campus.

The protesters, who were mainly from the Socialist Students Society, fear the decision to privatise the student loan book would result in heightened interest rate payments and debts of as much as £83,000. 

A series of talks and discussions were organised - by both lecturers and students - throughout the week to promote the concept of free education.  

One occupier, who told the paper his name was Niall, said: "We fundamentally disagree with the privatisation of the student loan book, as well as other government policies that are severely detrimental - not just to us, but to people in Britain as a whole."

A spokesman for the university said it respected students' right to protest - provided they do so in a safe, legal and considerate manner.
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