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Smile Online Bank Account

The Smile internet bank offers a student banking service that enables students to manage and move their finances online and enjoy the resulting convenience and customer service that comes with internet banking.

Students who sign up with Smile are offered a free overdraft facility of up to £2,000, high rates of interest, 24-hour support, genuinely modern services and a strict ethical policy as the company is part of the Co-operative Bank. All Smile customers are assured that their cash will never be invested in unethical organisations.

Student banking with Smile offers students a range of features such as:

  • Online current accounts, loans, savings and investments
  • Very attractive rates of interest
  • Online accounts management – view statements and make transfers.
  • A smile debit and cash point card which can be used at over 61,000 Link machines
  • A smile chequebook
  • The convenience of banking online
  • 24 hour support via e-mail or the telephone
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid to the customer every month
  • A strict ethical investment policy

In order to be eligible for a Smile student account, applicants must be:

  • At least 17 and a half years old
  • A full UK citizen
  • A UK resident
  • In full time higher education at degree level or equivalent with full time student status (with more than 6 months left on the course)

Smile was voted best online student account provider 2007 for the second year running and proudly boasts that 93% of its customers would recommend the bank to friends and family.